Get To Know The Apple Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Nov 21, 2023 By Madison Evans

Apple is a bright-colored, crunchy fruit that is equally popular around the globe. The fruit is commonly used in jams, pies, salads, muffins, smoothies, and oatmeal. You can also enjoy it as a snack.

It's not only the culinary versatility that makes apples popular, but their exceptional health benefits are the major reason that urges everyone to eat one apple daily. So, if you love the numerous colors and flavors of apples, stay here and find the remarkable health benefits of this nutrient-dense fruit with us!

Apple Nutrition Facts

Apples, being nutrient-dense fruits, provide you with several nutrients in each serving. From a medium-sized 200 grams apple, you can get the following nutrients:




5 grams


28 grams

Vitamin C

10% of the DV (Daily Value)


5% of the Daily Value

Vitamin K

4% of the Daily Value


6% of the Daily Value


156 grams


0.3 Grams


18.9 grams

Outstanding Health Benefits Of Apples

Everyone loves to eat apples. The fruit has also been studied extensively over the last few years. Therefore, different studies have proved that apples bring various health benefits. Now, the question arises: what are the health benefits?

So, below are some of the outstanding health benefits of apples that you might be wondering to know about:

Helps In Weight Loss

Apples have a high water content and are a rich source of fiber. The fruit is the main source of polyphenols, which help reduce weight. Apples are more filling to eat due to their fiber content and help lose weight. They are less in calories, making them the perfect option to cut a few calories in your diet. You can use apples as a snack, dessert, or salad to make your meal healthy.

Promotes Gut Health

A healthy gut is necessary for a healthy body. Apples are rich in dietary fiber and pectin. Pectin is a prebiotic fiber that gives protection to the gut microbiome. So, apples keep your gut healthy and protect your body from diseases and obesity by strengthening your gut.

Protects Your Brain

Consuming apples increases the level of quercetin, which is an antioxidant. Stress oxidants cause harmful effects on the brain and damage brain cells; quercetin from apples helps reduce stress and makes the brain healthy. It also has protective properties against Alzheimer's disease. So, why are you not eating apples?

Controls the Blood Sugar and Diabetes

It is a healthy source of antioxidants essential for a healthy body. Apples are a natural source of antioxidants, which help reduce blood sugar levels by absorbing excess sugar. Due to its soluble fiber, it slows digestion, which aids in lowering sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Improves Mental Health

A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially apples, boosts your mood. It improves your mental health and lets you feel good. Apples are an excellent vitamin source that keeps you mentally and physically healthy. Eating apples also lessens mood swings and lets you feel happier. Antioxidants in apples keep the level of anxiety low in your body and improve mental health. So, when everyone is living a stressful life, why not eat apples and live stress-free?

Reduces The Risk Of Stroke

Though apples have many nutrients essential for health and prevent your body from heart attacks and other cardio diseases, do you think apples are full of healthy fiber, which helps the body to overcome stroke rate? Eating whole apples with skin provides enough fiber, significantly reducing the stroke rate. So, keep your heart healthy by eating apples daily!

Lowers the Cholesterol level and Blood Pressure

Taking an apple daily helps reduce cholesterol because of its high fiber content. Apples are full of healthy nutrients, which keep the blood pressure normal and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. When mixed in water, dietary soluble fiber makes a gel that creates a lining along the blood vessels and decreases cholesterol lining in blood vessels, reducing cholesterol levels.

Makes your Immune System Healthy

Not only do they have healthy nutrients, but apples also contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system, creates a protective shield against microorganisms, and protects you from many other diseases. Apples are rich in antioxidants, which help reduce free radicles from the body and strengthen the immune system. Fiber from apple, which is water soluble, helps maintain a good immune system.

Antioxidants In Apples May Prevent Cancer

Apples are rich in antioxidants. Intake of an antioxidant-rich diet lessens the risk of cancer. Sometimes, oxidative stress causes cell damage, which leads to cancer. Eating apples boosts antioxidants in the body and helps to fight against cancer cells. Lung cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer can be prevented by consuming apples. Soluble fiber also helps in curing or averting cancer. So, why not eat apples when they are so healthy and beneficial?

Reduce The Asthma Symptoms

Quercetin in apples is a natural antioxidant that is important to our health. It fights against many allergies and makes the respiratory tract clear. Antioxidants cure food allergies. Apples are one of the best natural therapies for treating asthma, as they reduce the inflammation of the respiratory tract.


In conclusion, apples originally came from Central Asia and contain various key nutrients, including fiber, carbs, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Apples are available in different sizes and colors and offer different flavors. But do you know what healing benefits you can get by eating apples?

Apples can help you lose weight, control your blood pressure and sugar level, lower cholesterol, and are good for your heart. Besides that, apples also protect against cancer of the lungs and colon. Their anti-inflammatory properties are also appreciable. So, why not take an apple every day?

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